Tradesmen Products

Welcome to Tradesmen Products Inc.!! We are the sole inventors and designers of The Handy Step and The Master Cart.

The Handy Steps come in two designs with two lengths each. The Original Handy Step is a pivoting step that has a locking feature in the UP position. The Handy Step Swinger swings to three different positions to accommodate your needs.

The Handy Step line is great for loading and unloading your Truck, Van or SUV and can also help Man’s Best Friend when they get older and less able to jump into vehicles.

The Master Cart is designed to hold up to four spools of wire and allows one person to pull wires at any distance. The design of The Master Cart keeps the spools of wire organized and stops them from spinning out of control while you are working on a job.

Four-spool Extensions are available for The Master Cart, as well as shelving accessories to help keep papers and little parts organized and off the floor.

Thank you for visiting Tradesmen Products Inc. We appreciate your curiosity and hope that one of our products catches your eye. **All products are MADE IN THE USA